DCL announces FL1 Grand Prix Liechtenstein

DCL announces FL1 Grand Prix Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein will be the center of the drone world on the 1st – 3rd of September. The capital city Vaduz will transform into a race track for the 36 best pilots in the world. FL1 GP Liechtenstein is the second race of the 2017 calendar following a spectacular race on the Champs Elysees in Paris with 180`000 spectators where the fans experienced drone racing at its best right next to the track. 

Liechtenstein as “The Monaco of Drone Racing” 

The Drone Champions AG, organizer and marketer of the Drone Champions League has its headquarter in Liechtenstein having a close bond personally and geographically to the Principality. Equivalent to the international racing spectacle of the Formula 1 in Monaco, the Drone Champions AG will put the drone racing sport during the next three years directly in the spotlight on the executive and legislative Parliament Court in Vaduz. 

DCL Live - in more than 100 countries 

The mega event in the small Principality will be spread via international TV partners in over 100 countries. Additionally, there will be livestreams on YouTube and on the official DCL Facebook page. The breathtaking content will also be captured from a 150m long cable cam which is going to be utilized for the first time in Liechtenstein.

New race format

With the new race format, the overall performance of the entire racing team is in focus. Different to last year`s race format the so-called heats easier to view with only two colours racing against each other. Strategy and tactics rank to the new challenges for the teams triggering huge excitement for the spectators. The new format showed its benefits already in Paris with thrilling race battles.

Get to know the pilots

Within the eight team starting field are the best pilots in the world. There will be autograph sessions as well as a meet & greet after the race to the fans can experience the drone racing stars.

Thrilling, spectacular and majestic 

A selective track with artificial and natural obstacles will require maximum skill from the pilots. The unique and iconic venue in front of the parliament and the government court under the principality castle already guarantees a spectacular track.

FL1 as title sponsor 

The Drone Champions AG has an extremely valuable partnership with the local communication network FL1. “With FL1 we found the perfect partner for the event in Liechtenstein. We are confident that this partnership is groundbreaking for the drone racing scene as well as for Liechtenstein. Many innovations and possibilities can be realized in cooperation between two Liechtenstein companies for the next few years.” - CEO and founder of the Drone Champions AG. The local company will officially represent the event as the FL1 Grand Prix Liechtenstein. For Matthias Maierhofer, CEO of FL1, the cooperation with the young start-up is more than logical: “The drone racing event in Vaduz will arouse great attention internationally and merge several mega trends together. As the Drone Champions AG, FL1 is also interested in new technologies and wants to be a forerunner. The trends: virtual reality, e-sport and drones fit perfectly in our concept.”

DCL Calendar 2017 

The DCL is associated with iconic locations. After our tour stop in Vaduz follows a race in the capital city Brussels in Belgium (23.-24. September) then continues the second time in the salt mine of Salina Turda in Romania (14.-15. October). An asian location will be placed in November before moving to the European metropolis Berlin in Germany (3. December).