How To Fly A Racing Drone

How To Fly A Racing Drone

Flying a drone can be frustrating at first, it requires practice and patience. Even the best pilots crash and make mistakes, but don’t give up! Following are some basic steps for first-time drone pilots.

1. Buy a drone. The price of racing drones start at $100 and go up to $500. As a first-time racer, opting with a cheaper model is a good idea as crashes are inevitable. See our post “Best Racing Drones for Beginners” for more information.

2. Put the drone on the ground, facing away from you.

3. Put the RC controller is in your hands. Don't wear your goggles until you’ve become familiar with flying.

4. Hover up, and try to manage the throttle using up & down on the controller.

5. Once comfortably hovering 1 meter above ground, roll with left & right control sticks, and yawn with the yawning tilt, but not more than 90 degrees.

6. The camera should always be pointing forward. It is important to have a camera on your drone that can record with at least 60 fps.

7. If you are confidently maneuvering with steady hands, put on the goggles.

8. Lastly, there are plenty of tutorial videos online. Watch, learn and practice to improve your flying skills!