The German capital Berlin and Conrad Electronic host the big Drone Champions League season finale over the first weekend in December
On Saturday, September 23rd, the third drone race of the 2017 Drone Champions League race calendar took place on the historical Mont Des Arts.
After its inaugural season, Drone Champions League is preparing to kick-off season two with a robust race schedule and new racing format.
On April 1st, RTL 2's GRIP Motormagazin featured DCL pilot Lukas Wahl racing his drone against GRIP's own Cyndie Allemann driving a Porsche 911 Turbo S & Caterham Seven 620R.
Depending on the pilot’s budget and expertise, there are several options for those interested in entering the drone racing arena. Continue reading here for some insight a quadcopter for the new pilot.
Flying a drone can be frustrating at first, it requires practice and patience. Even the best pilots crash and make mistakes, but don’t give up! Here are some basic steps for first-time drone pilots.
"Salina Turda" is one of the oldest and most famous salt mines in Romania. From 18 to 20 November, the drones will tackle the 3D race track at the Romanian Turda Salt Mine, hitting speeds of 130 km/h.
The first official high-speed race of the newly christened Drone Champions League will be held in August in Reutte, Tyrol. Captivating flight maneuvers and brilliant scenery are bringing the latest sports trend to Europe.
Drone Champions AG, founded this year in Liechtenstein, wants to establish drone racing as the latest sporting trend. The first official large event, the Drone Champions League, will be held in August. The location is fascinating castle ruins in Reutte, Tirol.